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Games & Hobbies


Hall A2 is dedicated to games and leisure sector, it includes the products and services offered by public parks, leisure parks, children's play areas but also sports facilities..

Activity area Games and Hobbies

The games & entertainment market is growing, thanks to the success of video games and connected games, which represent 4.9 billion in turnover with growth this year of 15%. There are many investors in this sector: communities, leisure parks, campsites, hotels, etc.

Find all the professionals of the games & leisure sector, who will offer you a wide choice of products, including:


Fitness machine, sports field, sports training equipment, sports awards, portable sound system and accessories, referee and coaching equipment, field equipment and multisport gymnasium, shock absorbing slab, sports field covering, city stadium (football, basketball, street workout health course, circuit training), fitness & work out equipment, locker, skate park.


Paddle, kayak, surfboard, buoy, boat, gangway, pontoon, anchor, accessory (life jacket, wetsuit…)


Slide, seesaw, trampoline, zip line, swing, spring toy, sand and water, climbing games, merry-go-round, strings games, ping-pong table, urban equipment, dynamic games, tourniquet, rubber games, soft floors, hut , inflatable.


Ping-pong table, table football, ball pool, video games, board, interactive terminal, tablet, futsal, interactive games, building brick.

Retrouvez tous les professionnels du secteur des jeux & loisirs, lesquels vous proposeront un large choix de produits