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2023 objectives

Green EvénementSett is stepping up to become an eco-responsible trade show, aiming to achieve LEAD certification alongside the Green Évènement agency by 2023.

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Sett Commitments

  • 15,000 m² of carpet removed
    A big change in 2022 : we have removed the carpet from the Hall aisles. Why ? Difficult to recycle, carpet is our biggest consumer item with a high carbon impact.
  • 65 sorting garbage cans
    ou can find sorting garbage cans throughout the park to separate your waste. They will be collected and processed by SMN and Sud Services.
  • 5 water fountains
    To avoid over-consumption of plastic bottles, we invite you to bring along a water bottle that you can refill at the show.
  • 60 ashtrays
    In partnership with "Eco Mégot", ashtrays have been installed throughout the Parc des Expositions. Butts are recycled and transformed into textiles.
  • 5000 badge holders to collect
    Don't forget to keep your sleeves and neckbands from one day to the next, or even to present your badge in PDF format! Urns will be placed at the entrances for the recycling and reuse of cords and plastic sleeves.
  • 2,000 fewer printed catalogs
    Despite being made of recycled paper, we've reduced the number of printed catalogs, instead opting for a digital version available on the Sett's new mobile app.
  • 400 LED spotlight rails
    Preferring LEDs to conventional bulbs ensure low power consumption and therefore green lighting. That's why all equipped stands use this method.
  • 6 catering outlets
    All our caterers use short circuits and favor local products to ensure responsible eating as well as delicious food.
  • Recycling signage
    Would you like to recycle your visuals into fabrics, kakemonos or event PVC tarpaulins?

Métamorphose is a national network of "Ateliers et Chantiers d'Insertion" (workshops and workcamps) whose activity is based on upcycling-sewing: creating items from recycled materials, products no longer suitable for sale, or production offcuts.

Every year, the network's Ateliers et Chantiers d'Insertion employs and trains more than 300 people in various regions, providing them with social and professional support to help them find lasting employment.

Among these players, the GAMMES association's Interlude Eco-maroquinerie workshop in Montpellier transforms materials into bags, kits and goodies.

Métamorphose thus offers a virtuous activity for the environment and a rewarding one for job-seeking employees. Contact them now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or meet them on the Accueil A A12 stand!


Logo EcoSettSince 2019, EcoSett has been promoting the eco-responsible actions of Sett exhibitors! When registering, exhibitors sign a charter and commit to offering a sustainable product/service. During the show, these committed exhibitors will be highlighted with the EcoSett logo, identifiable on our media: Catalogue, Website, Show Application and through a dedicated pathway enabling visitors to easily identify the exhibitors concerned.

The EcoSett is awarded on a voluntary basis, and the show is full of exhibitors involved in a sustainable approach who are not included! If you too would like to highlight your ecological approach, register for the 44th edition:

To do so, please send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- A short description (approx. 40 words)
- A visual (.jpeg format)
- A link to your website
- The signed charter

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