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Partners commitments

Restaurant commitments

The Cabiron and Husser caterers, with whom we have worked for many years, are indispensable to the comfort of our exhibitors and visitors. Their values are based on respect for the environment and optimization of resources.

Cabiron Traiteur Traiteur de France

Cabiron traiteur is part of the Traiteur de France network and is internationally certified to ISO 20121, the CSR standard for the events industry, which ensures better control of the social, economic and environmental impacts of events. It is committed to:

  • Offer a majority of local, organic and fair-trade products.
  • Use recyclable individual packaging made from kraft or corn starch.
  • Donate unsold products to local associations (Montpellier Food Bank and humanitarian associations), respecting the cold chain.

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Husser traiteur has been working with UTOPIES since 2007 to implement a sustainable development policy. It is committed to :

  • Favoring local products and know-how: "Sud de France" products, regional wines (organic or in conversion), proximity to local suppliers (cheese, oysters, etc.) and seasonal produce.
  • Recycle waste (glass, cardboard, biodegradable waste, used oil)
  • Maintain strong commitments to committed associations (Red Cross, Ladies)

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Service providers' commitments

If the Sett is a success every year, it's also thanks to all its loyal collaborators, from the installation of stands and furniture to visual creations and printing.

Lign’Expo in charge of managing and renting furniture to exhibitors, undertakes to

  • Reuse equipment
  • Optimize transport of all furniture by converting pollutants using the ADBlue system, which converts 85% of pollutants into water vapor.
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products and favor steam cleaning to reduce the use of solvents.
  • Is a member of the Valdelia association, which collects and recycles professional furniture free of charge.
  • Use the ZEENDOC software solution to limit paper consumption
  • Use electric carts
  • Use chrome-plated furniture to reduce the use of spray paint for maintenance purposes
  • Use mainly stackable/containerizable furniture to limit handling and transportation
  • Select furniture from neighboring countries (France, Belgium, Italy)
  • Provision of an in-house repair workshop to ensure equipment longevity.

AbyPrint, in charge of creating and installing all signage, is committed to:

ABY Print
  • Print certain materials on 100% ecological materials such as JET UP, which is manufactured as part of a global eco-design approach.
  • Use new-generation inks made entirely from water and solvent-free vegetable latex.
  • Recycling all material scraps (PVC, dibond) in partnership with the ELISE label.
  • Giving a second life to all tarpaulins and fabrics thanks to our collaboration with the Parc des Expositions, Ressourcerie 34 and Silibiliz

Cege produces all communication visuals and catalog printing. It is committed to:

  • Reducing its impact on the environment through FSC and PEFC certification
  • Offering LED-UV printing to reduce carbon footprint
  • Printing the Sett catalog on recycled paper

Orsa Events, in charge of creating and installing the stands, undertakes to:

  • Is a member of the ELISE association, which recycles 100% of office waste and creates jobs for the community.
  • Partnering with LVL to recycle computer hardware and ink cartridges.
  • Is a partner of the LES BOUCHONS D'AMOUR association, which recycles plastic corks, enabling the purchase of wheelchairs and equipment for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.
  • Is involved with the OUVERTURE association to recruit people experiencing social and professional difficulties.
  • Is a member of the Espoir Orange et Rêve Bleu association, which helps young people with disabilities.
  • Is involved in various volunteer actions
  • Maintain gender parity within the company
  • Dematerialize various media
  • Is a partner of SPL Occitanie Events which holds the ISO 20121 standard.
  • Use electric forklifts
  • Is a member of the INTERLUDE association for the recovery of carpets, fabrics and tarpaulins. Very active in social action, it enables the creation of bags and various objects.
  • Uses SOMMER's EXPOSTYL eco-designed carpet.
  • Partnered with CLARTEX and MINOT RECYCLAGES to recycle flame-retardant textiles.
  • Partners with GEORGE VILLATTE, supplier of PEFC-certified melamine and wood panels.
  • Use sustainable raw materials for modular stands
  • Use lighting equipment fully equipped with low-energy LED bulbs

Montpellier Exposition Center

SPL Occitanie Events, increasingly committed to eco-responsibility, has held ISO 20121 certification since January 2021 issued by AFNOR. This standard is aimed at all players in the events sector, providing a framework to help organizations in the industry integrate sustainable development.

  • Bicycle racks at entrances A and B, and a streetcar station nearby, giving participants the option of using alternative means of transport when attending the show.
  • Installation of water fountains in the reception areas and certain airlocks between the halls.
  • Collection and processing of 4 streams (glass, wood, recyclable waste, other waste) from exhibitors: during set-up, event and dismantling.
  • Cendriers EcoMegoInstallation of around 60 EcoMegot ashtrays throughout the 55,000m2 park. The butts collected are sorted, then recycled and used in the development of a new depollution technique using the 3 parts of the butt: the tobacco, the paper and the filter.
  • Waste collection and processing by SMN and Sud service.
  • A partnership with Ressourcerie 34 to collect advertising tarpaulins produced during events. They are transformed into bags, kits or other objects by the Interlude workshop, a textile workshop employing some forty people on work-integration schemes in Montpellier. (262m² harvested in 2020).
  • In association with the ESAT for certain events and missions, they promote the integration or professional reintegration of disabled people.
  • As a member of UNIMEV, it uses a CLEO tool to calculate the carbon footprint and economic and social contribution of its event.