Services & Communication
Activity area Services, Communication, Digital, IT

Services, Communication & Digital, IT


Halls A5, B3 and B4 are dedicated to services and communication.

With the evolution of the economic and technological environment, actors in the outdoor hotel and hospitality sector must become more and more digital and bring out new communication and optimization media for effective management of their business.

Activity area Services, Communication, Digital, IT

Indeed, digital and new technologies are closely linked and today essential in the tourism sector, and particularly the outdoor accommodation and hospitality area (coffee - hotels - restaurants), and for good reason, the emergence of new reservation supports, new and more efficient software, cameras and other surveillance tools for example.

Find professionals and specialists in services, digital communication, and IT. The digital specialists will meet the needs and necessities of your business with the various products and services offered.


Connected services, communication and digital agencies (improved visibility, new information and communication technologies), wifi / internet software, web and mobile applications, digital presses, websites (management advice, visibility, market knowledge).


Audit, accounting, booking platforms and software, marketing, invoicing, collection, channels, groups, training and recruitment, mobility for tour operators, connected luggage, video surveillance (cameras, alarms, face recognition, danger detection), real estate agencies, bank , insurance, legal, tax, certification, press, software and new technologies for outdoor design and play areas, labelling of campsites, TV offer and bouquets, access control and security (connected objects, home automation, wireless security systems ), panel (prices, sign, digital truckers).

Retrouvez les professionnels et spécialistes des services, de la communication digitale, et des IT.