Sett d'Or Trophy
for Innovation

Sett d’Or Trophees Winners 2022

sett dor decisionsIn 2022, more than 50 companies competed to be rewarded for their creativity: infrastructure, equipment, leisure activities, applications, software... so many technological advances enabling the sector to remain at the cutting edge and in tune with the new demands of customers.

Beerup System "Standup"

Beerup System Standup : Lauréats SETT d'OR 2022

Beerup is a patented system for filling from the bottom of the cup. Thanks to its circular jet, it reproduces the traditional draught. This system is possible because we use a food-grade silicone valve. It limits the loss of beer barrels.

Escape Games L'apéro

Jeux et loisirs
Escape Games L'apéro : Lauréats SETT d'OR 2022

The aperitif is locked in a huge 80-litre cooler. The first thing you have to do is open it, but once you've completed your first mission, you realise that everything is locked inside - BAD! The sausage is in one box, the terrines in another, the bottles are in "puzzles"... You'll have to unlock everything to free your aperitif as the game progresses, by solving various puzzles and manipulations...


Espace Vert
Phytotiny : Lauréats SETT d'OR 2022

Phytotiny: the first green, ecological sanitation system for unusual tourist accommodation. Mobile homes, cabins, yurts, caravans... Aquatiris has developed an attractive, flowering concept for wastewater treatment adapted to outdoor and mobile tourism.


AquaCollect : Lauréats SETT d'OR 2022

The challenge with AquaCollect is to collect wastewater wherever it is, whatever the technical and geological constraints. With AquaCollect, black and grey wastewater can be collected in places where gravity networks cannot be used. Our solutions can be applied at single or multiple collection points, and can be dismantled to meet regulatory requirements.


Tubbo : Lauréats SETT d'OR 2022

Tubbo is an unusual, luxury, fully transparent, weatherproof accommodation. Inspired by the structure of water bottles, Tubbo achieves maximum strength with minimum material. Manufactured using aerospace window technology, it is virtually unbreakable. It can withstand hurricanes of over 200 km/h, any snow load (evenly distributed) and any size of hailstone.