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Activity area Pool & Wellness

Pools & Wellness


Halls A3, A5 and A6 are dedicated to outdoor swimming pool & wellness and green spaces equipment.

Activity area Pool & Wellness

The wellness and swimming pool market is growing. The climatic conditions as well as the tourist offer favor the growth of this market which benefits campsites, hotels, lodges, Guest houses ... Professionals must constantly adapt to innovations and consumer demand.

If you are a professional in a community, a gite, a guest house, a campsite, a hotel, come and discover our specialists in the construction, layout and accessories (maintenance, leisure) of swimming pools, spa, and other outdoor spaces & wellness.


Wood pools, composite pools, freestanding pools, tubular pools, infrared saunas, steam saunas, outdoor saunas, combi saunas, indoor Jacuzzis, outdoor jacuzzis, above-ground jacuzzis, wooden jacuzzi, inflatable spa, whirlpool spa, hammam, floor mats , pool shutters & shelters, terraces, hydrotherapy, baths, showers, sensory showers.


Ladders, stairs, aqua bike, security, filters, lights (LED lamps, light fixtures) solar showers, waterfalls, above ground pool covers


Filtration boxes, pool robots, pool and spa vacuum cleaners, pool heat pumps, pool heaters, sun heaters, dehumidifiers, heaters, water treatment / maintenance (sewage and potable water networks, fires, energies), liner and coatings swimming pool.


Inflatable chairs and buoys, showers, pools, slides and diving boards, water courses, games.


Terraces, podiums, privacy screens, stretched sails, terrace furniture, garden furniture, decorations (interior decorations, exterior decorations, light fixtures, outdoor rugs, planters, pots and vases, hammocks of (indoor and outdoor, sunbathing and deckchairs), charcoal barbecue, gas, electric, brazier, planchas, outdoor fireplaces, huts, marquees, outdoor fittings (pergola, frame, kiosk, awning, terrace dividers, glass screens).

Venez découvrir nos spécialistes de la construction, aménagement et accessoires (d’entretien, de loisirs) des piscines, spa, et autres espaces extérieurs et bien-être.